Grasshopper Run

Grasshopper run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run game with simple controls. Our grasshopper is in love. he wants to meet his lady grasshopper and started to run to see her through this dangerous world. Help our little grasshopper to run and get all apples without being caught by hungry duck and hen. Also there are frogs in the way to catch our little grasshopper while grasshopper running. Just click the screen to make our grasshopper jump over all obstacles in the world including the hungry frog and run safely to his lady. This grasshopper run is the best adventure game for peoples of all ages. It will be the best fun run game with good graphics and music.


  • Tap the screen to make little grasshopper run and jump all obstacles.
  • Collect all apples without being caught by hungry animals.
  • Run and finish all levels.
  • Have good relaxing music and sound effects.
  • Have two worlds each of having 12 challenging levels.
  • Run and jump from all hungry frogs too.

***How to play***

1. Just tap screen to jump the grasshopper.
2. Collect apples as many as you can, without being caught by hungry animals.
3. Run till end of the levels, make grasshopper happy.

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