Christmas Santa Adventure

Christmas Santa Adventure!!! is an action-adventure android game developed by STEM studios, released for the Android devices. The story follows its again a Christmas time, our Christmas Santa reach again to deliver gifts to kids but our Santa got inside a Halloween world where Halloween characters chasing our Santa. Our Santa has to face a lot of adventure to reach the kids before Christmas.

In its pacing and structure, Christmas Santa adventure is similar to a old Mario and adventure island game with Halloween characters. This Christmas Santa adventure game has 3 worlds that contain plot twists dark enemies from Halloween. The adventure game itself consists of 20 levels, and that were made available by winning the levels. Together, Christmas Santa adventure make the best adventure game of the snow winter season. Additionally, powerup's and the effects in the Santa adventure game makes the gameplay exciting and addictive worth for this Christmas holidays.

Christmas Santa adventure is a simple game with relaxing music and addictive graphics. even a small kid can play this simple run game . STEM studios have made support to almost all android devices. Don't worry about the space in the phone, this exciting dragon run is just 6.7MB almost all can afford for some entertainment.


1. Have 3 different adventure worlds.

2 Have One perfectly designed Santa powerup.

3. Have 15 levels to reach the Boss.

4. Have lot of Halloween enemies in this Halloween land

5. Have 20 Halloween character enemies.

6. Have 1 Boss to defeat.

7. Have checkpoints to save the progress in this adventure world.

8. Have cool sound effects & background music.

9. Support SD card installation.

10. Gamepad support

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